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Fixed Navigation Pane won't scroll overflow links

Hi Guys.

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I have just created a new navigation pane which looks great on a desktop. Trouble is, there are lots of items in the “pool cover” dropdown so on a phone it falls off the bottom of the screen and the “overflow” cannot be scrolled. If I change the navigation pane to “absolute”, the dropdown menu will then scroll, but the nav pane does not remain at the top. The problem I have is that I just want the pulldown to scroll - not the header menu itself.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Further to my initial post, the problem that I am experiencing is exactly the same as Mobile nav doesn't scroll

Unfortunately the posted solution is getting a 404 response?

Please help.

Hey Guys,

I seem to have fixed this issue. The answer is to change the menu type to “drop down”. If the menu type is “over left” (or possibly “over right”, the scroll function will not work (at least on ios). Ironically, the menu remains in the left hand side position?

This was a time consuming issue. It would also seem that the second part of this tutorial is no longer relevant with changes to the Webflow panel.

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