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Fixed Navbar Scroll not displaying on scroll

Hello there - I was wondering whether someone could let me know why my Navbar Scroll menu doesn’t work on this page of our website -
Read only link

I copied it directly from the English version page of our site and thought that it would function automatically… but no. :frowning: It has something to do with the changing of the transform but I don’t know how to activate the transforming once a user starts to scroll…

Here’s the English Version -
English page

Thanks so much in advance.

I cannot see the nav bar on your English site. Maybe you’ve chagned something since.

But what I can see is that there is a scroll interaction on your EN page isn’t in place for the other page. That might be the reason.

Hey there @spirelli thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t see that. I have added the page trigger to the chinese version but it’s still not working and I cannot understand why.
I have attached the nav bar scroll which works in the preview for the English version and a screenshot of the two navs for the english version as well. Not sure what exactly you couldn’t see in the English version of the nav bar. I haven’t touched it and it all seems to work - BUT not the Chinese version.
Any further thoughts? Do I need to add something else to the Nav Bar Scroll for it to work?

Your interaction is set to Affect the “Selected element” – which might apply to the Nav Scroll element on the English page only.

You might get there if you change the Affect setting from Selected element to Class.

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@spirelli - you are awesome thank you very much for helping and pointing that out. It worked! :slight_smile: Completely forgot about adding that class affect and it didn’t even cross my mind. So thank you very much.