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Fixed Navbar flickers during scroll in explorer (Solved)

I have had a go at fixing it myself but haven’t had any luck. It seems to work flawlessly if inline style; transform-style; preserve 3d; is disabled but I don’t know if you could overwrite that with custom code as I’m not the best with code.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Yarmie

Thanks for posting about this.

I tested your site in Internet Explorer 11 but didn’t see the fixed nav flicker — were you able to resolve the issue?

If you are seeing other behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see (CloudApp or Quicktime work well).

Thanks for the reply Brando.

Yeah I have fixed it now, sorry I forgot to mention on the forum.

The problem seemed to be the scroll in/out of view interaction. I was using the interaction to turn an invisible fixed navbar visible when scrolled out of view so it didn’t overlap to top navbar but because it never actually scrolls out of view I guess it thought it was both in view and out so it flickered. Instead I did the opposite and had the fixed navbar under the top navbar with the navbar going invisible when an invisible section above top nav scrolls out of view.

Hope that makes sense.


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That definitely makes sense — thanks for the update and happy to hear you resolved it :slight_smile:

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