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Fixed navbar cutting off top of section

Hi there webflowers.

I’m struggling with my fixed navbar, only in phone landscape. The smooth scroll is aligning the names sections to the top of the page instead of below the navbar. The settings appeared to be just as specified in the tutorial. I tried renaming it ‘header’ (as was suggested a similar thread), but that is affecting things on the desktop version. Help please!

public link here:

published site here:

Hi, nice site.

Not sure if I reproduce. Here is what I see:

What’s the issue?

Thanks very much! The problem only happens in landscape, portrait is just fine.

Ok, I see it.

Couldn’t see why this happens. Could be fixed with an extra rule for this device, a margin somewhere… Like if you put a 13px up margin on your Columns element (and remove it for the device under it), it’s a fix.

But there’s a but that deserves to be seen here maybe. @cyberdave who should we notify when we’re facing such a bug? thanks.

Thanks Vincent, that helps. Of course it does mean that every section has to have a chunk of space at the top that I’d rather not have, but it will do for the moment, I’d rather that than have the headings cut off.