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Fixed navbar colour change on scroll down (Repost)

So I just saw this thread and it seems pretty interesting, but the answer was for an older version of Webflow. So is it still possible and if so, how?

This is the old threads question:


Jul '15


I have a fixed navbar on my site (share link below) which has a transparent background so that the cover image of London comes through. But I’ve realised once I scroll down the page, it doesn’t look so good because the white nav links will disappear on the white background further down the page.

So my question, is it possible to change the background colour of the nav bar from transparent to a colour of my choosing, once a visitor starts scrolling?

Thanks a lot

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Thanks, Filip

I am wondering the exact same thing. It was possible with the older version of webflow and I can’t find an alternative to the checkbox “affect different elements” in the current webflow interactions dashboard… just thought I’d revive this topic because there must be a way to change the state of something triggered by a different element :exploding_head:

Thanks in advance :pray: