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Fixed Nav Bar with noscroll Background


I’ve added a fixed navbar at the top of the page by following the tutorials.
But I have many contents in the navbar and it cannot be scrolled. the only thing that is scrolling is the background. and this is a pure mobile site. So i have only set it to mobile landscape and portrait view.

the URL is:

Is there an extra javascript that I need to add as a custom code to enable the navbar to scroll? Im a newbie in web design and webflow.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @makdicowz, thanks for your post. At the moment, the mobile nav bar is not scrollable by default, but you could create a custom scroll nav for mobile, here is a demo site:

Site: Demo kit
Page: Scroll Nav on Mobile

Check that page out to see how it is made, and if you have questions, let me know, I am happy to help :smile:


Hi cyberdave,

Thanks for the reply. this was the tutorial that I followed.

Anyway, I managed to figure out how to make the scroll for the navbar. As of now following the tutorial, it is set to 100%.

But I added a max height on the wrapper and somehow now the navbar with many items are able to scroll as you can see on my preview site.

Now my question is, is there a javascript code to set the max height to follow phone-screen height?


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