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Fixed media queries

I am looking for a solution where the page is not changing percentage - but changes at fixed media query sizes.
Its hard to explain.
But when i resizing the browser-window, the page change all the time, every pixel.
this make some elements to overlay others…
Im only want the site to change at specfic values - At fixed values.
Desktop, tablet, phone (+ landscape)

Do i make me understood ?

If you want to defeat the fluid responsive scaling you can set a div that wraps all of your content and set a pixel dimension at each media query. This isn’t a recommended approach though.

The best practice approach would be view the tutorials and learn how to build your content to be fluid responsive so it will work on any device. The number of devices are staggering and you cannot effectively design for all of them relying on media queries. Webflow makes fluid responsive design incredibly easy - so check out the tutorials.

Thanks for your answer, but I’m familiar with what you mean. But my site has a 1200px override to work with wider layout. That’s the problem, I think. Becouse no site I have in 940px doesnt have this overlay/overflowing problem. Its only when I drag the edge of browser this occur. And on landscape iPad. Nowhere else. Androidtablet and phone and iPhone works great. Desktop also works except when fluid between 1170 to 940px.