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Fixed item position in Collection

Hi all!
I’m struggling to accomplish something rather simple.
I have a collection list and I want to break it up with some CTA’s. The best way I found to do this and not break the Collection Lists functionalities is by creating a stylized card with conditional visibility and which is connected to a switcher in the collection (so the CTAs have the “switcher on”).

The thing is, I’d like to show the CTA after 5 items (while items should ordered by date), which means that the CTA entry in the CMS should always be 5th.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thank you heaps!!! :smiley:

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[2]: Hi

This is going to get tricky. Usually if I want to break up a collection list, I just do a bunch of them and split them up to limit the items to start/end where the last one left off and put CTA’s between.