Fixed images scrolling at some point

Hello, I’m having a problem with two images on my site that move up when scrolling. They are supposed to be fixed in the site. I’m seeing this issue only in CHROME, not in FIREFOX.

Here is the shared link so you can check inside webflow:

And this is what I see:

It’ll probably be easier for you to check it out directly on the site: You will see that there is a point when you scroll through those two images and they move up at some point, and then they fix themselves again. It’s weird and I don’t know what’s making them do this, because there are other 2 pictures with the same effect after those 2 and they don’t show this problem. So please, help me out figure out what is happening with these.


It seems to happen only during the loading… A bug that kind has been reported recently by @Revolution I think.

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So there is nothing to do to fix it??

Webflow devs can fix it I guess