Fixed image on chrome


Okay, so I see a few posts about fixed images not working on chrome but I am yet to see any solution for it!

I am currently working for a site for a client, and in the “How can we help section” (on the home page) I have a fixed image as background but it doesn’t work well, only on chrome.

Here is a link for you guys to see what i’m talking about:

The site is not actually really live yet, but I would like to fix that before the date of delivery!

Thank you all!

Hey @Amath_Mbaye could you share a Screencast or video of the issue please? As well as a Webflow link? I have found the following:
Fixed background images in Chrome on a MacBook acts a little strange. But looks perfect on Windows computers.

Due to lack of browser support, background images on touch screens are reverted to full rather than Cover (removing fixed bg effect). I’m looking at a work around. There’s some custom CSS which you can add in to over ride it I’m sure. I’ll post something in the morning for you to try. :smile:

Thank you,

Waldo :smile:

Thank you for your reply Waldo!

I think you pinpointed exactly what my issue was. I am just going to stick with it, and make sure that I set the images as non-fixed on mobile!

Thank you very much!

PS: If you do have some CSS I would love to give it a try! Have a great day!

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