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Fixed image becomes different link in different sections

I’m making a website where we have a rocket move along as you scroll up (the website starts at the bottom).

I want to have the rocket (which you only see in the gray sections) to serve the same function as the ‘circle with arrow’ button/link is now. So, when I scroll into gray section-1 I can click on the rocket and be scrolled into the next gray section. Then in gray section 2 I want click on the rocket and be scrolled into the next section and so on.

Anybody have any idea how to do this?

PS: Here’s what I have so far - - click on learn more.

Have you tried adjusting the z-index of the rocket and the different sections?

Thanks @Ant! You’re awesome, I solved the z-index problem. Now, I’m trying to turn it into a link/button for each section (see new question above). Any idea how I might do that? Maybe @bartekkustra knows?

I might need to think about that a little more… I have an idea but it will take a little time… Contact me over Skype (contact details in my profile) or email. I’ll try to help you.

@matthew1818 You’re in good hands w/ @bartekkustra! He really knows his stuff & is super helpful!

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Thanks @Ant! I’ve sent @bartekkustra an email so I’ll keep you guys updated on progress.

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