[fixed for now]Container has a different position in webflow than in in published site

I’ve come across this strange thing where my hero container is in a different position in my webflow editor than in the published site.

Anyone able to help?

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/consortae?preview=68cd398f8d274af50436a3e73135f96b

Website: http://consortae.webflow.io

Hi @DharmaNode, I checked the hero section on the site in the designer:

And in the published site:

I was trying to see where the things are different. Could you help to show via screenshot, what is looking incorrect between the designer and published views?

Thanks in advance ! Dave

Yeah, i changed the title to: fixed for now because i found out that the interaction on the container was spazzing out thinking the original position of the object was far below, but it wasn’t. I added another interaction without it moving down on load and that fixed it for now.

Thanks for the help though :smile:

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