Fixed Footer Keeps Appearing in the Middle of The Page. Help?

The site has a fixed footer but it randomly appears and disappears on the middle of the page when you scroll up.

Here’s a video demonstrating it (excuse my dog who’s making weird noises in the background): Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Is this a bug? What’s weird is that I made every section above the footer have a higher z index than the footer. But that doesn’t do it - it still shows up above them.

Here’s the share link so you can maybe find the problem:

Hi @erickmuller, can you share the published link? The problem doesn’t seem to appear on the preview link. You can also share which browser you’re using.

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Thanks for looking into this. Here it is:

I’m using Vivaldi but it’s also happening in Chrome

it is happening when youre in the designer though, not when you preview it.

It certainly isn’t happening on either the designer/preview, but can confirm it is appears on chrome. Still not sure what’s causing it though.

Edit: I found a quick solution which seems to get rid of the issue on chrome. Change from Fixed to Sticky and remove the bottom padding in the Body which you needed earlier.

Thanks I guess that did it? :grinning:

What’s weird is that this was from a webflow template and they had it like that, yet somehow the original doesnt have this problem. I wonder what I may have changed that caused this.

Anyways, thanks! hopefully that’s the end of this problem.

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