Fixed elements temporarily shifted only in Safari on iPhone

We are currently experiencing this with almost all content created in Webflow.
It would be easier to understand if you could look at the 8 or 21 seconds of this video
*Video link

Sometimes when you tap somewhere on the screen, you will see a menu fixed at the top of the browser and a thin space in the status bar of the iPhone.
This site is an unaltered Webflow template with no special code written.
The menu has no space between it and the top, but it shifts down about 0.1px.

This was recorded on an IOS 16 iPhoneSE2 and is confirmed on a type of iPhone with a home button.
The Chrome APP on the iPhone does not have this gap.
Is this a phenomenon unique to me?
If you know of this phenomenon, could you please share your solution?

its read link !