[FIXED] Border line width in designer does not allow 1.5 em value

I must use 1.5em OR 1.5vw for border line width. The current input only allows integer values for px, vw, vh, em. Please fox so allow values such as 1.5em.

How to reproduce error.

  1. Select any div block or element
  2. Select border side
  3. Apply line width of 1.5em or 1.5vw
  4. Value comes back as integer value

See screenshots
Input 1.5em

Designer returns 2em, not 1.5 em

Try it yourself

Hi @miekwave

Thanks so much for posting about this issue.

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have reported it to the team. I definitely agree we should be able to have a value with decimals in the border-width input.

I’ll let you know when we push a fix for this bug! :bowing_man:


I am please to see that I can use 1.5em / 1.5vw in border width now. Thank you for implementing this feature!!


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