Fixed block in a List Collection

Hello webflower,

I’m trying to arrange the results of my Collection List item according to the layout in the screenshot below, i.e. by including the first block of the grid in an independent grey square that is separate from my collection list. Do you know how to do this knowing that the grid can’t be positioned into a grid area?

Thank you in advance for your help.

You can try using Static to Collection List (Finsweer Attribute) for this

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One way to do it is to create a separate div for your independent grey square and position it using absolute positioning. Then, you can set your Collection List to start after that div. Create a div for the grey square and set its position to absolute or use CSS grid if you want more control. Position your Collection List items around it by adjusting the grid settings or using margins and paddings. This way, you can place your grey square independently without affecting the Collection List grid.

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Thank you very much for this technique which works. Have a nice day!

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Happy to help always.

As you have got your solution, can you please mark this as solved? That would be helpful.