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Fixed bg is not fixed on Laptop with Touchscreen


Noticed a little problem today, on my laptop with touchscreen, the fixed background isn’t fixed :-).

"revised: Some other websites do have fixed BG on the HP Touchsmart"

Wich settings do I use in the designer to get the BG IMG fixed?

Thanks in forward for an answer! Grtzz Corine

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Pretty sure, there are ways around this if you want to add custom code but them not being fixed on mobile is expected. To my experience on themes I’ve used when it does work it was super glitchy or there were problems getting photos to scale appropriately but not being distorted.

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Hi @jdesign, thanks for you’re replie!

I know it’s not going to work at tablets/mobiles. But this a touchscreen on a laptop, using a normal browser (firefox/chrome/edge) :smile:. Any Idea’s?

NB Ok, see now my title on this topic, I edit that:-)
grtzz Corine

Which machine is it, Corine?

You and I may recognize it as a laptop, but if the machine itself tells browsers, “Treat me like a giant cellphone,” there isn’t going to be much you can do.

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Hi @Cricitem,

thank you for reply, it’s a HP ENVY TouchSmart 15 series, I noticed that ohter sites can have a fixed BG on it :-), so I wondered what I did wrong :blush:

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