Fixed Background with scroll

I’m doing a site and I made a fixed background with the contents in scroll, but in the mobile of some errors. What is the most correct way to do a fixed scroll background for the contents. (The background will have an image or video)
Can someone help me?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hello @Gustavo_Pimentel

I just looked at your site on mobile and I don’t see any issue, can you point the errors you’re experiencing? If you have screenshots and share your read only link it’ll be even better.

First off, why are you using a slider? Are you using multiple images for this background or just a single image?

Second, if you are using a single image only, I would suggest just a section block and add the image as the background to that section with a 100vh. You will also have to set the section block to fixed, so that everything else on top moves over it.

Third, I would suggest formatting your images to properly fit within a mobile breakpoint.

Hope that helps.

It did. These various images are options that I will still define. I’ll follow your tip. Thank you very much. I’ll say it again as soon as I can.