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Fixed background on mobile doesn't work; horizontal line going through page

See screenshot from IPhone:

  1. You’ll notice that the background is not fixed
  2. there is a wierd line going across.

See video:

Works perfect on browser

please advise

thank you,
Jaime G.

Here is my public share link:
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Can I get someone to help me please?

I think fixed bg are still disabled for mobile, by Webflow, because it leads to some bugs in certain cases.

Check here for a workaround Fixed background picture doesn't work on iphone5 safari

I tried this but it does’nt scroll anymore.

an other solution?

You’ve added overflow hidden to the body, never add that property to the body because it prevents the site to scroll.

Add it to all the sections under the body, and it fixes it.

Is there somewhere I’m not seeing this?

thank you

Please advise on the above, thank you

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