Fix Ipad Problems

I need help, my site has separate interactions for mobile and computer, meaning that the computer site can´t work on mobile due to some hover interactions. I need a fix for this while using the Ipad, since an Ipad switches automatically to desktop site, I need it to remain mobile. Thank You!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You should take a look at this thread to see if you have any luck with the code that was provided.

Basically this is to be expected as now iPad is moving into the desktop territory. While it may be frustrating since it doesn’t mean visitors can see hover states by default (unless they are using the cursor) it’s not a huge segment of folks regularly browsing on them - yet. I personally think it’s bad UX to require a hover state to see important contextual information or even use a site as it’s assuming that all visitors are able to even use a mouse (think accessibility).

In your case, I’d recommend removing the glowing dot navigation on the homepage all together and make the four squares show up by default. The squares are revealed after hover anyway and this at least gives some cue as to what section your clicking on with the icon usage. The hover state then becomes a lot less problematic as it simply adds some dynamic motion instead of being required to understand how to progress through the site.

I didn’t see anything else that stood out as problematic for touch devices as I clicked around, so thankfully there isn’t too much that could be changed to fix the accessibility issue.

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Thank You, I think You are right!