Fix Image Distortion in Mobile Portrait Format

How do I fix some of the images that appear distorted in the Mobile Portrait format? Thanks, Robert

Also see on your mobile.

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Hey Robert,

can you specify which images get distorted? I didn’t see distorted images. Maybe post a screenshot?

Here’s part of the Letterpress page. Thanks!




Here’s another sample:


vier seizoenen

Vier Seizeonen (Four Seasons)
Poem by Robert Perry

Broadside edition of four-stanza poem printed with digital photo polymer plates by Matt Kelsey and designed by the poet Robert Perry in April 2019.

Edition of 100 | $30 each

I’m not sure you meant to copy the html?!
Can you provide a screenshot of the distorted images?

Weird? The image looks fine but it’s not. I copied and pasted this from my phone where the problem is.



I’m not sure what you mean with distorted, the images seem to have proper aspect ratios and are neither stretched or squished.

If you could provide a screenshot (a picture of your screen) I might understand what you mean.

If you type in the url of into Safari on your phone. You should see it.

Or here is a photo of the site page on my friend’s phone.

Does that help? Thanks!

Thanks, now I see!

For me, viewing it in firefox or chromium - it looks fine.
I don’t own any apple device and since apple pulled safari from all competitors devices, I can’t test it at all.

It’s probably as issue with some difference in webkit - but I’m unable to test this further - sorry!

Thanks for trying. What do you mean … some difference in webkit?

Not all browser are build the same. Firefox, Chromium, Safari - they all are build from different code bases. This leads to differing behavior and look for the same website and can be frustrating for developers (as you now know :dizzy_face:).

Try different stylings with the images, like explicitly setting dimensions and different display settings for the images and the parent element. Sorry I can’t be of more help… Maybe there’s someone else here that is more affine of macs and willing to help!

If you are interested in the background, here’s a short but insightful article

Many thanks! Very helpful.