Fit page to full screen

Hello everyone,

I can’t seem to find a way to remove the scroll bar and fit this page to full screen for laptop sizes, 1920x1080 and bigger:

The image needs to be kept centered on the page, and the content in the left size aligned to top with the image.

Any tips would be highly appreciated!

Webflow link:

Yes that’s possible

But I won’t recommend it. Your content will disappear…

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Hello, @Alexandra_Necula. I made a short video (with voice) to demonstrate how this problem could be solved. Kindly check it out:

Do let me know if it helped.


@elikemdaniels that’s some serious dedication :blue_heart: Thank’s for your effort!

@Alexandra_Necula Removing user controls should only be done if there’s a very good reason for it, you might not be utilising the scroll bar, many users however do (especially in regards of usability)

I found an in-depth answer on stackoverflow containing some general background info. Be sure to check with browsers before going live :slight_smile:

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@RDaneelOliwav Thanks for the complement. I believe that’s what a community is all about.

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Sir, I believe you are absolutely correct on this one! :smile:

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Thanks so much Elikem, this totally fixes it! I just wanted to naturally remove the scroll bar for pages that have little content, without using overflow hidden. You’re the best!

I’m humbled, and more so, glad that I could help.

This is super helpful, I think too that is important to keep scrollbars visible for overflowing content. I would only use @elikemdaniels’s solution for pages that don’t really have content longer than the viewport.

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