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Finally finished showcase of my first project that was partially done in Webflow.
Webflow was used on stages of wireframe prototyping and most of the html+css coding.

(it’s in russian only)

And showcase in my portfolio with english explanation (“Appreciate it” in the end of the project if you liked it):

After export the code had to be polished and several things reworked but it retained almost everything from Webflow.
I’ve started the project in spring’13, back then several features have been really missed (i.e. dropdown menu =( ), so if I had to do same project again or had a chance to update it in Webflow, I’d do it in a different way. Still, the result is satisfying even if not perfect.

Coder in my team who was working with Webflow export found it really helpful as well, because as a designer I could easily prototype and create necessary solutions myself at earlier stage. This approach saved us a lot of time as I was bothering him with bugs and changes a lot less than usually.

Anyway, take a look at the project and I hope you’ll like it.

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Well done bro! One thing I noticed is the size of images you used. It is a good thing to compress and optimize for a better mobile experience.

Try Jpegmini and imagealpha apps for jpeg and png images.

Thanks, Daniel. I’m aware of compressing images for web, it seems problem has appeared once the client started to fill website with all the data so some images might’ve made it uncompressed indeed. We’ll take a look, thanks for pointing out the issue. =)

Cool site! It seems that the heading text is overlapping other elements in the main slider. I’d move the headline higher and the slider navigation lower so they don’t overlap.