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First webflow website: Simple webpage for our little firm

Recently implemented the first webflow website ever, for our little firm, RIL Partner AB:

(Nothing fancy in there for now … mostly a “placeholder” kinda site. Might happen more soonish though).

It was also the first time we used the ProcessWire CMS, and I must say webflow+processwire is an awesome combination!

First of course, Webflow is simply amazing, in how productive one can be, and quickly churning out fully responsive and beautiful (at least I feel the tool helps to the better :slight_smile: ) designs, that can just be copied and pasted to any CMS.

Together with the “blank install profile” for processwire, it is so extremely simple to just paste the exported webflow code into the relevant template file in processwire, and just insert the $page->title, and $page->body tags, and you already have a basic site up running! A few more lines, and you have implemented a menu, and so on, and so on.

Thanks for a great tool!


Processwire is sounds promissing. I’m going to check it out. Thanks to share this info :smiley: