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First Webflow Project!

Hey guys, wanted to share with you my first finished Webflow project. We revamped a client’s old website, all done in Webflow. I’d love to hear any feedback :relaxed:


Hello @Mr_Finn,

Your website looks pretty clean man, great job. Did you also do the identity?

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Thank you so much! And yes we also designed their visual identity.

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Astounding work, well done! Cursor is delightful… I wonder if there’s a way to hide the original one and it just be the rings?

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Thank you @Martin_DSGNLAB!

Yes you can hide the original/default cursor (webflow allows you to do that for any element), but in this particular case I chose not to for better accessibility, since the cursor has a “lag” effect (it moves slower than the normal cursor). Keeping the original one helps users keep track of where they are, especially for people who are not too much into “unusual/modern” interfaces (the clients of the company, aka the users, come from a broad age range and backgrounds).
So to me it felt like the combination of default cursor + a custom interactive one is a good middle ground for design and usability.

Sounds like a sensible enough reason to keep it in. the Ring actually reminded me of this websites cursor:

Of course they’re no delay on that one… Aesthetically the delayed movement of the cursor feels intentional to the feel of the website, how it flows and what not.

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