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First timer! (Here's some more characters, Pluto, Mickey & Donald)

Hello, hello, hello!

I’ve just created my fist live site for a client with Webflow.

As part of that I’ve done all the branding and visuals, I’ve learnt a lot on the way, much that will be remembered and some that will be forgot. I started from blank to try to get to grips with the platform and tools, helping me be faster and better in the long run.

There’s nothing like getting in at the deep end :rofl: :rofl:

I was seeking a little feedback as I’m sure there will be one are few things I’ve overlooked

The site is now live at

Thanks for your time!
Stay swifty :nerd_face:

Nice job The site looks great… it’s clean and everything seems to function really well. The only thing I found myself wanting (as a stylus user) is a button in the review section to go back to the main navigation level (versus having to scroll).

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@LunarLight Thanks for the feedback, I may look at adding something to appear on any pages past 250vh or something like that to improve the UX.

I did originally have a sticky header with a scroll up / tuck in animation to hide the honey on scroll down and bring back on scroll up, this looked good but when I integrated the cart it caused the cart overlay to stick strictly inside the nav section (due to the animation), such a odd frustrating thing to happen! Lol… Yeah, most of my time has been spent chasing down those odd things. Major animations or content sections or scroll effects are as smooth as silk. Having the damn nav hamburger show up how I want it to: complete time killer.

Still, you probably don’t need to change a thing. Stylus users probably account for 0.05% of all users. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: