First Timer confusion about adding a "Subscribe Now" button to my website


I am new to Webflow and this is my first website working in the platform. I love it. One of the main aspects of my site is a membership area with gated content. The web designer I am collaborating with and I have everything working really well and are about to launch.

I am super confused on how to now get the site to accept paid subscribers. I can get folks to the User Log In page, but I cannot figure out how to change that so folks subscribe instead of creating an account or logging in. I only have two products “Level 1 which is $5” and “Level 2 which is $10” per month.

Could anyone please take a look and advise me on the next step?

Thank you for your help and time.


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Hi MIke, you’ll actually direct them to the actual product pages for your membership subscriptions. They’ll get the details there, choose what they want, and pay.

Then, they will be directed through the sign-up process automatically after purchase, to complete the process.

Regarding your free self-sign-up page, you can still promote that if you want to allow a form of free “trial” access, or you can just remove that link from the log-in page, and instead point them to your product pages.

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Hello @memetican Thank you! Super helpful. I apologize I didn’t seer this till now, I am still getting used to how the notifications work on the forum. Thank you for taking the time to help. We are launching today!