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First parallax website in Webflow - 960px grid, breakpoints + VH qestions

Hey guys!

First post on the forums here & boy what a joy it is to be a WebFlow user. This community is amazing & I really can’t wait to see where Webflow takes us.

Anywho enough of that, lets get down to the nitty gritty…

I’m building my first site in webflow & I’m super happy with how far I’ve gotten thus far. I’ve started everything from a 960px wide psd file & I’m slowly moving everything in. This is where the problem starts. For the bigger screens I need to be uploading backgrounds bigger than 960px wide, but as soon as I put them into webflow it cuts off half of the bottom section of the photo no matter the size/position of it.

Is there a way any of you get around this? VH works great for me to scale 960px photos up but as I say then on bigger screens they are very low Q.

Any help would be fantastic,


Here is my public share link:

PS my apologies for how rough everything is I’m just testing & learning :slight_smile:

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