First link in Webflow grids doesn't work in Chrome or Firefox, but does work in Safari

I’ve built a brand guide for a client and made each category of assets available via clickable links – font files, logo files, color hex codes (hex copy to clipboard function), and folders of images (hosted on Dropbox).

Issue: All of the links work appropriately in the designer and in Safari, but when I view the guide in Chrome or Firefox, the very first link in each of the section grids does not function as a clickable link (‘copy to clipboard’ link example attached). I’ve tried removing the buttons and replacing with new buttons and I’ve also tried duplicating a working button and replacing the first “broken” one. Neither seems to make a difference. It’s also weird to me that it only impacts the first link of a Webflow grid.

Question: Is there a known issue with Webflow grids and Chrome/Firefox? This seems to be the only explanation I am drawn to. I can’t figure out why all links wouldn’t be broken or all working…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link: Brand Guideline
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