First item Disappears in sticky animation

Hello guys!
I’m doing sticky animation and everything was going well except for one thing. When going to the live preview, my first card just disappears. I’ve tried different animation start and end values, watched others do something similar, but I haven’t figured out what the problem is. The card disappears even if I don’t include it in the animation.

Here is a video in which I clearly show what the problem is:

Please help and thanks

Here is my public share link: LINK

@lirvana Hi,

Could you please share a read only link?

Here is my public share link

Hi @lirvana :
Here is how I solved it: removing the first “Opacity” Key Frame at 0% and then adding to the 5% keyframe “home_sticky-div” “1” 100% Opacity, and on the 15% keyframe adding a “home_sticky-div” “1” 0% Opacity like on the image below:

I followed your instructions, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me :frowning:

@lirvana What is not working? :slight_smile:
When I check the share link again it seems to work for me? :slight_smile:
In what Breakpoint is it not working?

When you click “toggle preview” or view an already published page, the card still disappears

I’m doing this animation for landscape Breakpoint

@lirvana Delete maybe this keyframe also then:

@lirvana When you don’t need this animation on certain breakpoints you can also turn it off here:

I didn’t notice that keyframe :see_no_evil:
It works now, massive thank you!!

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