First image opens the last lightbox

Hey folks,

I’m quite baffled with this one.
I set up a gallery with the new image field and the first image is showing. When I click on it, it automatically opens the last image in lightbox.

The product page
The project

What am I missing ?

Cheers and thanks

That’s odd. Is that still the case or have you been able to work it out? I clicked and the image of the house was also the lightbox image

Oh… well it’s weird. It’s still showing me last image on every product page. I tried ignoring the cache to see if it worked better, but it’s not.

Have you used another device to check if that gives you the same result?

Yes, it the same on my computer (both Chrome and Firefox), and the same on my mobile (Chrome & FF again).

It’s unusual but probably a bug, feel free to report this through the designer. The best way to handle it is probably to delete and rebuild the lightbox. That might just work. The webdesign version of ‘turning it off and seeing if it works when you turn it back on’ :joy:

Just rebuilded it, but I still got the same weird result. That’s a tricky bug…
I’ll just report it, thanks for you help.