First build for small HOA


This is my first time using forums and also my first site! I am very beginner level on using Webflow and want to step right into it.
A small HOA is asking for a site for submitting HOA dues once a year, and a newsletter for updated information about the neighborhood. What tools or extensions are best for receiving manual payments (non recurring)?

You have about a million options here.

Non-recurring? Webflow ecom could work for checkout. You might need to make it a digital product so that it doesn’t need an address? might be cheaper and give your more check out options.

Shopify’s buy now buttons cost about $9 usd/mo and have a nice cart layout.

Paypal is free.

All of these are options.

For your newsletter, again so many options, depends on what you want. I think I’d look at Audienceful, it’s well-priced and has some webflow-specific integrations.