Firefox Scrollbar Issue


I am currently trying to customize the scrollbars on a website I am doing. No problem with chrome or safari, but when it comes to firefox I’m not being able to make it work.
As the customisation options in Firefox are somewhat limited, I was attempting to hide them on firefox only, and have them customised on chrome / safari.

I am using

scrollbar-width: none;

before the body tag, which generally always works.
But at the moment in this webflow project the " scrollbar-width" bit always shows up highlighted in red, and it is not having the desired effect of hiding the scrollbars in firefox.
Have also attempted to remove the webkit style for scrollbars to see if it was interfering in some way, but the problem persisted.

Thank you to anyone who can help out!

preview link


I got it to work by using

  scrollbar-width: none!important;

Kudos to @Matzinger for originally posting it here: Hide Scroll bar - #3 by Matzinger

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