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Firefox only causes problem

The following issue occurs in Firefox only:

The table in the FINANCIAL section goes crazy whenever you click the SHOW MORE button right above it.

Here is my public share link:

Hey @rhami,

Please note, Webflow Designer is only for Google Chrome & Safari.

The issue you’re facing, is this in Webflow Designer mode or in the published site?

It’s in the published site. I made a few fixes to make it better but you will still notice that when you click the show more or show less buttons that the table will behave oddly during the animation

Yes I did notice the text flying off the table…

Is there a way to fix that?

I’ll try my best to find out for you. Might take a little while though.

It’s either an issue with the render engine of Firefox or your interaction settings.

By the way, really like how you structured the table! :ok_hand: Don’t forget mobile view!

Thanks Naweed appreciate that!

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