Firefox not loading images


does maybe someone know why Firefox would not load images on Desktop? In mobile it is loading, but not on the desktop. Also I use a backdrop-filter and it seems to work on mobile in Firefox, but not on desktop, even though it is supported from version 70 on.

Every tip is highly appreciated.

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Here is the website (in making):

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@Klemen - I believe this is being caused by a max-height:1vh on the .container-3 div.

That was exactly that. Thank you very much!

Do you have any idea why the backdrop filter doesn’t work in Firefox even though it supports it?

Same here, images load in Chrome and Safari but not Firefox.

@laurakong - If you don’t provide details no one will be able to address your issue.

Hello Jeff, it is because we here usually use Chrome and Safari. But it will be great if you can help.

This is how it looks like in Chrome


And Firefox

Published Site

Could not duplicate the issue on FF. Make sure you don’t have a pending update in your browser. If you do update it. Then test again.