Firefox login CMS

Hi, just noticed this was not really about the login…
Can’t really share whole site so let me give a pic of what’s going on with Firefox. When I hit the CMS button it looks like a Z index issue pops up. The collection is blocked.

This might be the work around with Edge or Chrome…
But when I try to use Edge or Chrome, I don’t see a way to get into my dashboard of projects. The reason I was using Firefox was my dashboard came up instantly.

Also this does the same thing with Firefox with another Webflow site–haven’t checked all of them. I’ve used Firefox for years with Webflow because it came up instantly when I logged in as mentioned above.

Help much appreciated…

Also, Webflow no longer offers staff support (?)

@Bqq -

While you might have had success with Firefox (my daily driver) with the designer it is not a supported browser for use as the design tool.

Chromium based browsers are and as long as you are not running plugins (use private/incognito mode), you should not have any issues.

Not sure what you mean since support does provide support. If you are talking participation in the forums, they dropped off from levels in the past.