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Firefox is Blocking My Website from Coming Up: Content Security Policy


A landing page i’m building for a client at comes up good on firefox and all browsers.

But the problem started after i have exported the files. I have them hosted on Amazon S3 at the website Then accessing the site on firefox brings up this error:

Blocked by Content Security Policy

This page has a content security policy that prevents it from being loaded in this way.

Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it.

Also on Chrome it brings up a blank page.

I have no issues accessing it on Epic browser, UCweb and surprisingly shows well on Google Chrome mobile.

Please can someone tell me what the issue is and how i can solve this?

cyberdave, pixelgeek, sabanna, vincent please i need your help

Looks fine to me.

Thank you for checking it out. But i can’t view it in my Firefox and chrome. what do you think i should do to solve this?

I checked out this thread Website showing up blank and i saw what i had done. But the issue is that i have already moved hosting to a different host and i dont have any html page that has that iframe code, but why am i still having these issues on my browsers?

Please help

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