Firefox: Hamburger Menu does not open in all projects when javascript is disabled

I noticed now, that in all my projects in Firefox the hamburger menue does not work. Firefox does not open the menue. in Chrome and Safari it works well.

For example this project:

Public Share Link:

Hi @Bettina_Lucas the hamburger menu opened without any issues in Firefox on this end:

What device and Firefox version are you seeing this behavior in as that definitely sounds like odd behavior.

Maybe you already pushed an update or are you still running into this on your end?

Oh sorry. i checked now my firefox. the javascript was deactivated. it works now.

Hi @Bettina_Lucas thank you for letting me know, yes those interactions require javascript to be enable to fire. I’ve updated the forum title to reflect this information.

But why is in internet explorer 11 the hamburger menue not shown?

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