Firefox Content Blocking and Embeds

Public Service Announcement: If any of you have embeds on your sites that have tracking built in they may not load for firefox users. The new “content blocking” feature was rolled out for all users in the last update and we started to get complaints about “embeds not loading”. Mostly people who probably aren’t aware of how content blocking works.

“Blocking content can cause some websites to break. It’s easy to disable blocking for sites you trust. Learn how

Oh darn, a browser is blocking third party tracking scripts! How dare they block all my revenue generated by selling your information. You are my product. Thanks Mozilla (seriously). :+1: Next shoe to drop?

Just saying. Some people might be getting reports of issues with their sites and not know what was causing it.

Hey @Jason_Green - My tongue-in-cheek response was meant to bring attention to something I feel positive about. It was not because you brought it up. :smile:

It does raise potential for increased incidents of “why is my site broken”, and will need to be a diagnosis step in tech support for web sites in general. Of course the every present add blocker can also create the same scenario. More end user education will be in order.

Thanks so much for posting for posting a helpful topic!