Firefox and Iframe inside tabs

Hi There

I have got an issue with getting an iframes to displaying in Firefox.
They are contained within tabpains. see link the UNISEX tab is fine as is any tabpain that is set to active, meaning if I was to set MEN to be the active Tabpain you will see the tabpain content.

It is working fine in Crome and Safari but not in Firefox. Its like the frame doesn’t activate inside the tab when selected.

Hope someone out there can help as we are due to go live this week. :grinning:

Thanks folks

Why are you nesting functions here? Where did you get this code from?

$(document).ready(function() {

Hi Samliew

Is where I got the code from


Hi Sam
I have been looking for someone like you to help me with javascript and code issues. I am happy to pay for your services, could you give me so ideas around rates please.

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I think the issue is that mixitup doesn’t work well when the element is hidden on page load. It should be possible to fix it by initializing the iframes off-screen, then insert them into the tabs.