Fire conversion pixel on form success page

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My client wants to track conversoins when the form is submitted. I put thу code in sucessful message part, but it fires every time the page is loaded. How can I make it work just after the successful form submittion?

Tool is this one

Thank you!

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Custom code is one way, the other would be to redirect the user to a “success” page after submitting, that is not indexed or linked to.

Thank you very much! Do you know what custom code it should be?

We also want to capture the email of the person after the form was submitted. We gave the email form field the ID “EMAIL” and this code is placed in the “thank you page”. But it doesn’t work, we receive submissions from this pixel with “EMAIL” instead of real email that the user put. Any idea how we can fix it?

The pixel code is below.

!-- BEGIN CODE Formulaire Image →
img src=“{EVENTID}&altid={EMAIL}” width=“1” height=“1” border=“0” /

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Sometimes its possible to find codes here. Thank you