Finsweet Static to Collection List Attribute issue

Hey, I’ve been scratching my head on this one and thought I’d post here on the off chance someone has experienced the same thing.

I’m using the @Finsweet Static to Collection List attribute on the blog page to insert some CTA blocks throughout the feed. Everything has worked fine until the content editor mentioned they couldn’t position the cards correctly within the feed. Turns out I am unable to specify a position higher than 7 even though there are 12 blog posts. Any positioned higher than 7 just groups together. I’ve spent the last few hours troubleshooting but got in a right mess so had to restore to the start. I’ve run the attributes automated support on the page and it flags this error but I am not sure what it is trying to say

I’ve followed all the steps provided by Finsweet but do have a few attributes running together so there might be a conflict - but I’ve just been following their lead tbh so nothing experimental.

I have requested to join the Finisweet Slack team to ask there but thought I try you lovely lot in the meantime as I have a client waiting on a fix for this.


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