Finsweet pagination not loading thumbnails

We have setup a collections pagination using finsweet to add a search bar and it works fine, the only problem is that the images that are not loaded in the initial page, won’t load when changing page or searching for a result that is not in the initial display. This happens only on the production site, when visitin the staging site it works just fine.

This is where we have the Collection List with finsweet pagination on prod: Know with Grow
Here is the read-only link for the page: Read-Only Page

Hi Angel,

I haven’t dug in far enough to see what your setup is, however your site is hosting images specially through scripted-image-replacement or reverse proxy setup. I’m going to guess scripts, but again, haven’t looked deeply.

However you’ve set this up, it’s not seeing page 2+ of the FS Load content, and those images are getting their src attributes wiped- so you get a broken images.

There are programmatic ways around this, however your scripts would have to be “Finsweet-aware” or you’d need to build a bridge so that your scripts are applied to each FS page as they load.

I have not seen your particular setup before but I’m very familiar with programming against FS’s CMS load process. It’s limited, but in your case I think you should be able to apply the script as the elements are created on-page, which should be possible.

DM me if you need some dev work done to close that gap.