Finsweet Cookie Consent iFrame load issue

Hi @all,

I’m new to this forum and Webflow itself but trying my best to learn as fast as possible.
Would appreciate your help, especially if described in detail to be able to follow as newbie.

I used finsweet cookie consent clone to cover two google maps iframes. Also made sure to use different classes for the placeholders.

Now here’s the issue as STR:

  1. Go to page “Kontakt” (Contact Us - Doctorate - Webflow HTML website template)
  2. Change cookie preferences to declining all.
  3. Refresh website.
  4. Change cookie prefrences to allow all.
    [OPT] 5. Refresh website

Please repeat the steps a few times to experience the issue. Could work fine with first try - but it should work fine always.

ER: Both iframes should appear and show google maps

AR: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes a refresh helps, sometimes 3-4 refreshes are required to show both. But one thing always is identical, if it doesn’t display the iframe, it is always the left one which is hidden.

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

ReadOnly: Webflow - Dr. Javadi

PS: I couldn’t find a similar topic with the search. If there is, I’m sorry :slight_smile:

Additional info: Using mainly Google Chrome. Deleting cookies and cache helps usually for the first load. But after changing preferences and retesting, issue occurs again.