Finsweet CMS slider AND 'multi column' slider - can't size images to slider

Not sure if what I am trying to do is even possible but It would seem I am very close to a solution but after many tries it remaines elusive.

Problem: I can’t seem to enlarge my photos in the slider!! Otherwise I have the CMS and multicolumn slider working. I am thinking that if it’s not a simple fix it may be some other issue that just won’t allow this to work.

As mentioned I wanted both a CMS slider AND a multicolumn slider.

For the CMS slider I followed Finesweets tutorial ( 2022 - Build a Webflow CMS Slider - No-Code Attributes) and it works 100%

For the multi column slider I referenced an older Webflow tutorial (2019 ugh!) with Nelson on how to make a slider AirBNB had at the time.

So, i’ve got both essentially working. I am hung with the size of the photos as when modifying the slider mask to X% to allow crop of images to fill multicolums, the photos seems to respond by resizing smaller and do not fill the frame.

Feeling confident I first tried this with the project I was working on, having no luck I created a back up to really try a lot of different approaches, finally, what you see here is just a quick, bare bones template to eliminate any other potential sources that might be tripping me up.

Thanks to anyone who would like to take a look. I know sliders are so popular, there is probably code here and there. If it’s not possible with webflow with no code (:smiling_face_with_tear:) maybe someone could point me to the most conventional solution.

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I’ve made a bit of progress with getting image and slider to match up in terms of size.

However, it seems that I an unable to resize the image to the slider (using finsweet attributes and CMS collection), but, I can resize the slider down to the size of the image.

If slider mask is set at 20%, the image size is quite small but at 50% I essentially get two images which fit the slider nicely.

After testing while this works it is not responsive as the slider stays the same height while the images scale. If I could center the images. Maybe I can adjust for breakpoints, idk. Not perfect but so close.

I will probably move to use ‘pagination’ for my multi column collection list as slider does not seem like a good solution if you require CMS to manage the content in the slider.

This (Slider + Multicolumn + CMS) seems to have been a popular item on the wish list for at least 4 years, not sure why I am having such difficulty or why there is not a better solution, unless pagination is the solution.

Hi @tommyello !

Yes, if you control the number of slides using a mask it will add that weird empty space to the slider. Is not a good solution.

Anyway, if you still want to enlarge the images, you can add a fixed/min-height to the images and play around with the fit style.

Let me know if that helps.