Finsweet CMS search function not working

The search function won’t recognize the following plants: philodendron, Sansevieria, and Tillandsia. It works on all the others but not those.

Read only link - Webflow - Schlegel GreenHouse 2

Also, I can’t get my search function to work at all on the annuals page. I also tried using specific identifiers “name” and “description” instead of the “*” and that also didn’t yield any results.

Read only link - Webflow - Schlegel GreenHouse 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you.

When you say “search function” do you mean the top search bar feature you’ve added, or Webflow’s native search?

Below are the results of both.

Your top search widget is from Elfsight, so you might check their product forums for help. It looks like it might use Google search as a back-end.

While it’s returning results, the links aren’t particularly ideal, it looks like it’s picking up partial pages from Google search via

For Webflow site search, it looks like the content pages are pretty empty, e.g.;

Also, Webflow’s site search is designed to work with hosted sites, but is offline. I’m uncertain if that would impact indexing, depends on how Webflow’s search feature works.