Finsweet CMS Previous Next Not Working | How to fix it?

Hey folks,

I’m building a website that is organized into Modules that serve as the main topic categories. Each Module is further divided into Chapters, which provide a more specific breakdown of the broader category. Currently, my focus is on the content page for Chapters, similar to a blog page.
IA - Modules > Chapters > Content Page

I plan to add a section at the end of the content to display the Previous and Next chapters, allowing users to navigate easily. (refer to screenshot 1)

I have implemented Finsweet’s CMS Previous and Next framework by following the provided steps and tutorial. It initially worked, but after making subsequent changes, it stopped functioning (refer to screenshot 2), and I am unable to identify the reason.


  1. Why is the framework not working, or where have I made an error?
  2. Is it possible to implement only the Next and Previous buttons without displaying the entire chapter details? (refer to screenshot 3)


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
Refer to the page - Bring Product Thinking to Data (CMS Page)