Finsweet CMS load attribute mixes up the collection list

Hi everyone.

I’m having some issue with FS’ CMS Load attribute. Everything is properly set up, all the attributes are in their proper place, and whenever I click the Load More button, every item in the collection list just changes randomly and you get this like page refresh flicker.

For context, the combo attributes used in this collection list are fs’ cmsload, cmsstatic, load-under, and cmsload-resetix. I’ve scoured the internet, but I guess this is quite a unique problem to have. Any help is greatly appreciated! Let me know if a read-only is necessary.

Hey Vladimir,

You’d need to share both a readonly link and a published site link to the page where you’re having problems. However it’s a fair bit of effort to debug these, hopefully someone can help.

“Changes randomly” is a strange description- I’d double check and make certain that you do not have random sorting enabled on your collection list?

Thanks so much for the swift reply Michael. No, I don’t have random sorting on the list, it’s just a plain Published on, Newest to Latest.
Here’s the read-only link: Webflow - Ovou

and the staging link:

Thank you for your help