Finsweet cms filter


I’ve implemented finsweets filter system and it’s working like a charm.

The one thing that still gets me is filtering across URL’s. I’ve seen the add-on for using buttons as filters with predetermined filtersm, however, i require text input to come across.

Simply put, I want users to be able to input their search on my landing page, which then redirects them to the result page with their input text already there + the content is filtered.

I’m currently using JS URL param in order to prefill the input on load. However, the finsweet filter seem to need human input for the filter to trigger. All in all, is there a way to trigger the filter even if the input is pre-filled onload?

Thanks in advance!

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Any luck on this? Also want to find out how to trigger the filter on page load so that it searches whatever the input is pre-filled with.

Also looking for a similar solution

finding similar solution on this

Did anyone find a solution to this?

Also looking for a solution for this – did you manage to solve it?