FINSweet CMS Attributes Filter not recognizing all items in the collection

Hi! I’ve correctly applied the FINSweet attributes CMS filters to a form, list, and text items to filter a collection on a page based on the radio button selected.

It’s working but it doesn’t recognize every item in the collection. For some reason it only shows one for real estate (which is one of the filters I set)

Hoping someone else might have more experience with this library and might be able to tell me what I’ve done wrong here.

The live link to the page so you can see it in action is: Website Design

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Franz, it is working as it should but you’ve typos in your data. Beside that two which is appearing all have space at the end. So fix that and it should work.

And for a better implementation, why don’t you use a Reference input for that field instead of manually typing data. You already have created it so why not use it, I usually do that.


Awesome thank you so much man I didn’t even notice that haha

Hello,Abi,may you help me?Finsweet attributes CMS Filter data not showing properly?

Just checked and replied, please check.